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LUMISONATA Luminous Fiber Optic Fabric with LED Lights for Clothing and Crafts by the yard

LUMISONATA Luminous Fiber Optic Fabric with LED Lights for Clothing and Crafts by the yard

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Origin: Mainland China

CN: Guangdong

Occasion: Daily

Origin: CN

Material: 60.8% Polyester 28.2% Synthetic 11% Nylon

Width: 20cm

Length: 100CM


Type 1: Light up fabric

Type 2: Luminous fabrics

Type 3: Light-emitting fabrics

Type 4: Fiber optic fabric

Note:(It will cut as one whole piece if you order more than 2 pieces in same color)



1).only one battery is equipped for one whole piece of fabric

2). Due to manual cutting, please allow that there will be an error of about 1 cm.

The fiber optic fabric is made of two layers of fabric, which sandwich a layer of optical fibers. The optical fibers are very thin strands of glass or plastic that are coated with a material called cladding. When light is passed through the optical fibers, it is reflected internally, which causes the fibers to glow.

The fiber optic fabric is powered by a small battery pack, which can be easily hidden within the fabric or attached to a belt or clothing. The battery pack provides power to a small LED light source, which is connected to the optical fibers.

The fiber optic fabric can be cut to any shape or size, and it can be easily sewn onto clothing or other textiles. It is commonly used in fashion, stage performances, and other creative applications.

fiber optic fabric is rectangular in shape and measures 20cm x 100cm. It is available in a range of colors, including blue, green, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow.

Fiber optic fabric is a unique and visually striking material that can add a touch of magic to any design project or performance.

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